All deleted tweets from politicians

Eeyou from Eeyou Istchee. J’m vaquer vers d’autres intérêts, just life after politics. I’m like when I’m on my land _ I observe

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Romeo Saganash (NDP) retweeted @chip_blip :

RT @chip_blip: RT @chip_blip: @jjhorgan "More natural gas isn’t a “middle ground” — it’s a climate disaster"… #lng #bcpoli

RT @OasusTheDingo: RT @OasusTheDingo: .@RomeoSaganash schools Tory senator on Residential Schools… #cdnpoli

RT @OasusTheDingo: RT @OasusTheDingo: In which @RomeoSaganash burns Trudeau hard over his comments on Indigenous chiefs. #cdnpoli…

Romeo Saganash (NDP) retweeted @ArtByTLC :

RT @ArtByTLC: @odysseusunbound @RomeoSaganash unparliamentary?=horrendous treatment to #Indigenous & #Inuit humans.Making promises&not following thru.Withholding water=when all the pipes could be piping fresh water into ALL communities in Canada. Un-parliamentary is the multi generations abuse to FN.But hey,F-bomb=horrendous

Romeo Saganash (NDP) retweeted @ArtByTLC :

RT @ArtByTLC: I saw the promo for tonight's @22_Minutes & @RomeoSaganash is ON tonight, Yes,that F#>ken awesome #RomeoSaganash =If you give a F#>k, watch it tonight, Well,watch it every week on #cbc at 8:30pm. 🥰☺️

Romeo Saganash (NDP) retweeted @ArtByTLC :

RT @ArtByTLC: @VeldonCoburn @RomeoSaganash oh, these are your lil cuties Veldon? lil darlings,, sitting&standing up for #AnniePootoogook ❤️Her life mattered&she,her family,her friends&community&the rest of us, Demand that investigations are done&killer/s caught. #MMIW lives matter,always have&always will,

Romeo Saganash (NDP) retweeted @ArtByTLC :

RT @ArtByTLC: RT @ArtByTLC: @SharonLeah8 @PnPCBC @KPateontheHill @RomeoSaganash Apologies mean nothing now a days. She needs to be gone.

Romeo Saganash (NDP) retweeted @ArtByTLC :

RT @ArtByTLC: RT @ArtByTLC: I want to reach into the TV&Give @RomeoSaganash anEnormous Heart Hug from mySoul.I Hear Your Spirit&I see You.DeeplySorry 4Ho…

RT @TheCaNerdian: Paul Dewar wasn't just one of the NDP's best, he was one of the best MPs. Most will talk bipartisanship, but to me he was one of the finest opposing the worst tendencies of the Harper gov. To wit, my favourite #cdnpoli gif of all time. RIP, Mr. Dewar.

RT @Partisangirl: RT @Partisangirl: Chemical #macron gassing his own people. #GiletsJaunes