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Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway, NDP Health Critic, lawyer, reader, fiddler, hockey nut

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Don Davies MP (NDP) retweeted @sahouraxo :

RT @sahouraxo: Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director, proudly admitted that he’s a liar, a cheater and a thief. But we’re supposed to believe him today as him and his neocon buddies beat the drums for war with #Iran? Hard pass.

RT @charlesadler: Cdns a bit right of centre,vote #CPC unless that party ticks 'em off. Alternative is the #Liberals But if these swing voters think #Liberal leadership needs time in the penalty box,alternative is #CPC - an easy choice if the leader is a mainstream Conservative like @PeterMacKay

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

You’re neglecting a serious difference: the US has a binary choice: Democrat or Republican. In Canada, we have multiple choices: Conservative, Liberals, NDP or Green. You don’t have to vote Liberal to avoid a further right alternative.

RT @mothermaroodi: Trudeau showing up to protest climate change after his govt bought a pipeline is like someone stealing your wallet and then offering to help you find it.

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

This is a stunning failure by the Liberals. Canadians deserve to know why the federal government shut down Canada’s pandemic warning system last year.

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

Testing and contract tracing are critical to controlling the spread of COVID-19. The federal government must move to enact a proactive contract tracing plan for all airline passengers.

RT @CBCPolitics: Trudeau, Morneau had to be involved in WE Charity decision, top bureaucrat tells MPs #hw #cdnpoli

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

Steps Must Be Taken to Nationalize Pharmaceutical Production in Canada…

RT @mariedanielles: RT @mariedanielles: in QP, Trudeau recommends, where he says people can "share their thoughts," tho actually, there's no pla…

Don Davies MP (NDP) retweeted @askthetodd :

RT @askthetodd: The Federal Standing Committee on Health report from last month on Organ Donation shows us we can be proud but still work to do. When will the recommendations in this report begin to be implemented? #cdnpoli @DonDavies @MPMarilynGladu @GPTaylorMRD