All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway, NDP Health Critic, lawyer, reader, fiddler, hockey nut

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RT @ChristinaMcKeen: "Trudeau’s government and the far right’s renaissance have coincided strikingly closely. But that’s probably no accident. This isn’t the first time that the far right has flourished under a centrist government with a penchant for betrayal." #cdnpoli…

RT @AndrewNJohns: Do you believe Canada should offer Universal Dentalcare? So does @DonDavies. We break it down on our latest episode of @CoastalFrontBC.

RT @JamesValcke: "Conservative's don't believe the climate crisis is real. Liberals don't act like the climate crisis is real"- @theJagmeetSingh That's a good line TBH.

RT @ScottDuncanWX: RT @ScottDuncanWX: Two thousand years of global temperature. Wait for it...

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses have been on the frontlines, putting themselves in danger to take care of the sick. Thank you to all nurses for the vital work you do for us everyday. Happy #InternationalNursesDay!

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

There have recently been too many hateful incidents targeting people of Asian descent in communities across our country. Today marks the National Day of Action against anti-Asian hate. Let us resolve to stand up to racism and discrimination of all forms. #StandWithAsians

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

The federal govt is using hotels for quarantine who are union-busting + firing 100s of senior employees, mostly women and people of colour. I called on the Liberals to stop supporting employers under job action & suspend federal funds until they cease this disgraceful behaviour.

Don Davies, MP (NDP) retweeted @MuslimIQ :

RT @MuslimIQ: RT @MuslimIQ: Wow Nature really is beyond incredible. Watch this. It’s jaw dropping cool.

RT @QasimRashid: These words come to mind today. “If you stick a knife 9 inches in & take it out 6—that’s not reform. If you take it all out that’s not reform. Reform is healing the wound. They haven’t even begun to take it out. They wont even admit the knife is there.”