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MP for Timmins-James Bay, Candidate for the NDP Leadership, Musician, Author. Député fédéral, Candidat à la chefferie du NPD, Musicien et Auteur. @NDP_HQ

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RT @therhiannok: RT @therhiannok: Kudos to @CharlieAngusNDP for his Urban Agenda Canada's cities matter and the @NDP should fight f…

Charlie Angus NDP (NDP) tweeted :

When the kids of Attawapiskat began their campaign for a school I reached out to a rep of Free the Children thinking they would be a powerful ally. I was told they didn't do "partisan" issues. Gotta say I'm shaking my head at how partisan they became to win over the Trudeaus.

Charlie Angus NDP (NDP) tweeted :

This is a pretty slick day for @JustinTrudeau but I don't think it is worth a billion dollars.

RT @VillagesCanada: RT @VillagesCanada: 1500 striking workers have been fired and journalists have been detained. More reasons to #choosefairtrade…

RT @nathancullen: Coming from the party of gazebos & fake lakes this is the classic Conservative overreach by the Conservatives. The ethics commissioner is the proper first step in the WE controversy & let's see what they find. Calling the cops? Jumping the shark. #cdnpoli…

RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 8 July 1919 | Pole Władysław Cieślikowski was born in Skopanie. He was deported to #Auschwitz on 14 June 1940 from Tarnów in the first transport of Poles to the camp. No. 683 He perished on 3 May 1943 in the Lubeck Bay tragedy.

RT @OasusTheDingo: @DWHauthor @CharlieAngusNDP also on a private well and septic and DEFINITELY can confirm...the only people saying otherwise are ignorant clods who've never had to deal with this.

RT @OasusTheDingo: Losing her party status is nice, but @CharlieAngusNDP is right. Having Lynn Beyak REMOVED from what is SUPPOSED to be a chamber of sober second thought would be much better. #cdnpoli

RT @OasusTheDingo: RT @OasusTheDingo: .@nathancullen is touring canada demanding electoral reform…

RT @icinordon: RT @icinordon: Nord de l’Ontario : augmentation de 50 % des feux de forêt en 24 heures