All deleted tweets from politicians

Personal account of Brian Masse. NDP Member of Parliament-Dean of NDP Caucus & Caucus Chair. Critic for: Innovation Science & Industry/ Great Lakes.

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RT @StanningOrange: theJagmeetSingh: I felt at home w/ friends in Windsor Essex @BrianMasseMP @TraceyRam @CherHardcastle thank you for hosting a great virtual social We heard from workers on the supports they need to get through the pandemic, paid sick days, support for s…

Brian Masse (NDP) tweeted :

Looking forward to being at the announcement this morning. Many thanks to ⁦@LOCAL444UNIFOR⁩ workers who are the backbone for the reason to invest. ⁦@UniforTheUnion⁩@dave_cassidy444⁩…

RT @MumilaaqQaqqaq: @kdorse @SandraPupatello @theJagmeetSingh Livable wages for staff. Something that has NEVER happened in ANY liberal or Conservative party. You clearly don’t understand the circumstances And it’s Inuk woman - not Inuit woman. Educate yourself before posting something like this

RT @MumilaaqQaqqaq: @kdorse @SandraPupatello @theJagmeetSingh I was able to access trauma informed counselling with the assistance of my party from HoC. Beyond what your party or any other party has done for any Inuk mp. They also went to bat for livable wages in NU. YOUR party has NEVER cared. Leave my name out of your outrageous tweets 🥴

RT @MumilaaqQaqqaq: Why is the media so fixed on @theJagmeetSingh making an “emotional statement”, we know the term emotional is often put in a negative light. There are much better and more accurate terms to use. It was STRENGTH TRUTH NECESSARY Dear media, do better.

RT @MumilaaqQaqqaq: Unfortunately we have our 1st confirmed case in NU. The @GOVofNUNAVUT has released an announcement & is in the process of their response plan. We need the federal government to step up now more than EVER. Please help me in amplifying the concerns of the territory in these times

RT @MumilaaqQaqqaq: This is a bathroom ceiling in Kugaaruk. I have seen a few bathrooms like this. You can hear the almost broken fan trying to do its job. Nunavut needs federal financial supports. Federal government: “stay home, it is important we keep everyone safe” Nunavut:

Brian Masse (NDP) tweeted :

Indu Report to be tabled tomorrow in ⁦@OurCommons⁩ & leaks make this is a farce. What disrespect to Committee staff, analysts, interpreters & most importantly witnesses - PMO 🤡s obviously run the show, I feel embarrassed for the Minister #cdnpoli…

Brian Masse (NDP) tweeted :

#happyfamilyday - wishing everyone a nice day to spend with fiends and family!

RT @GiveLifeWindsor: Thank you Brian Masse, MP for inspiring Canadians to give blood over the long weekend. We loved having you here with us today. Thank you to Ahmad for your life-saving gift. @BrianMasseMP @itsinyoutogive