All deleted tweets from politicians

Leader of the @NZNationalParty. MP for Tauranga since November 2008. Authorised by Simon Bridges, 35a Third Avenue, Tauranga.

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RT @TeHauaTauaNZ: National’s @bluegreens Forum in Nelson. 🗣 @NZNationalParty Leader @simonjbridges is committed to leading a practical environmental 🌿 approach, putting results before ideology. #BlueGreens20

@henrycooke $140b more debt, $80k a household, will have to be paid back. You mark my words, if Labour wins the election, this time next year the kindness will be gone & their will be additional taxes.

RT @PaulGoldsmithMP:…. Does she not realise that there’s a basic difference: the government demands its revenue through taxes; businesses have to compete to survive. Which is pretty hard when you’re told you can’t operate. What an insult

RT @mfow020: RT @mfow020: @simonjbridges CGT is bad even if the change is fiscally neutral. CGT changes the incentives of Kiwis to stop saving and stop…

Really good talk to Allan and Maria at Mount Maunganui New World about all the work they’re doing to keep stocked up. A big thank you to all the supermarket workers working so hard in challenging times. Let’s help them and #shopnormal.

RT @phil_goff: The decision to cancel Pasifika was made after discussions with @jacindaardern, government, the Pacific community, councillors, organisers and local boards.

RT @liamkernaghan: People will overlook this, but the National Party had the biggest contingent of any party this year at Waitangi, and the first time a major party has had a māori Leader and Deputy Leader. Proud to be a member of a party that leads the way #nzpol

RT @Coltheman1: Simon Bridges on @MagicTalkRadio "We killed the Feebate We killed the CGT and in 6 months time we're gonna kill this government." @simonjbridges @NZNationalParty #nzpol

Thinking of all those effected