All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Hutt South. Hutt boy. Cricket tragic. Coffee addict. Authorised by C. Bishop, 26 Richmond St, Petone.

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Maria’s defence as to why the government with 100s of advisors and press secretaries can’t get organised or care enough to do the decent thing and put out a simple press release from the PM congratulating the government of our closest friend and ally

An interesting attitude to Wellingtonians finally getting cheaper petrol thanks to competition

RT @GeorgeKCampbell: @justin_lester says a decision on Let’s Get Wellington Moving will be announced by the end of the month. He is 100% co…

RT @NW_Cross: So climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, but we're ruling out a technological solution which could reduce met…

@RusselNorman That’s fair. Misread :)

Well I was until Six60 case on

How much of the brand equity in the Crusaders is the use of the horsemen v... I dunno, multiple titles over many years and relentless commitment to excellence?

@GraemeEdgeler He’s on it.

If you guys can get a team down Dom Road and the CRL we can get a bloody second Mt Vic tunnel.

@GlenMudgway @NicolaWillisMP @JulieAnneGenter @AstroPuss I take buses and trains all the time actually.