All deleted tweets from politicians

Judith Collins

Authorised by Hon Judith Collins, MP for Papakura, 98 Great South Rd, Papakura. #Lawyer#National#Housing #UrbanDev#PlanningRMAReform#Infrastructure#NotSocialist

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This is going too far IMHO. Shows us though how seriously the World’s largely democracy takes voting.

Wondering why KiwiBuikd is such a fail?? Well, try spending $11 million on staff & consultants & having none with any building experience. Question 3 - Hon Judith Collins to the Minister of Housing on Vimeo

Andrew Mayly MP has arrived - just in time. Great turn out by @NZNationalParty MPs and public.

Indeed.. KiwiBuild is a rort against KiwiTaxpayers broughtbyonus by the Labour/ NZF/Greens Government

The Future of Education forum with @Nikki that was planned for tomorrow in Papakura is postponed out of respect for the murdered and injured from Christchurch. At this stage, it appears we will meet instead on 7 April. Meeting time and place to be confirmed.

RT @WendyWings: I just had to explain to someone yet AGAIN that "Muslim" is not a race it is a religion, Muslims can be white. How do peop…

RT @MHassan_1: Please stop referring to the Muslim community as immigrants. We are New Zealanders. There are Maori and European muslims. Th…

RT @henrycooke: Six KiwiBuild homes that were contracted off the plans in November looked pretty dang finished in September…

RT @DerekPriest1: Well done the mighty warriors. 3 out of 3. #4 next week. Hehe 🏈🏈🏈@sirmadbutcher @JudithCollinsMP

RT @JamesHalcrow: Hey salty Labour hacks on Twitter, I know maths isn't your strong suit, but here are some numbers for you: Jonathan Cole…