All deleted tweets from politicians

Senior Advisor,Rubicon Strategies . Former MP. First Leaf sweater acquired 1961.

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RT @coxkirk: This is where I live. I know them. They see a way forward that includes everyone in a fishery that will be around for the next generation. The majority of the players on both sides want to end this peacefully.

RT @JohnRCollins6: @BigJMcC @nspc That's simply not an intelligent statement. Think about this, N.S has 52000 km2 vs B.C has 944000 km2. We still have a pulp mill. I believe the Premier made the only ethical decision possible. The fault of the closure of NP lies squarely on the shoulders of the Mills owners.

RT @atRachelGilmore: I have some very exciting 🚨 personal news 🚨 to share: My time at @CTVNews is about to come to an end, because I've signed on to cover federal politics with the national online team at @GlobalNews!

RT @chesticomuseum: 19 banners from #PortHood Consolidated School are housed at the Chestico Museum. 15 are Highland Region Champion banners and 4 are NSSAF championship banners. The oldest is a NSSAF banner for the PHC Boys “B” 1976-77 Softball team. Can you tell us who was a part of this team?

RT @Ben_Parsons__: I think @RodgerCuzner should apply to be the next Parliamentary Poet Laureate and use the platform to roast everyone in Ottawa.…

RT @RodgerCuzner: RT @RodgerCuzner: Way to go Logan! We are all proud of you back home. Haven will love it.

RT @J_Scott_: Someone is gonna need to explain to me why Conservatives think criticising the consistency of Trudeau’s feminism is a good idea when their leader is avowedly not a feminist at all. #cdnpoli

RT @WaytowichNeil: Next time the Conservatives criticize the Liberal government remember that the US added $3T+ in debt during #COVID with no CERB, no wage subsidies, no CCB/GST top ups. Look at the US, that would have been Canada if Erin O'Toole were Prime Minister during the pandemic. #cdnpoli

RT @TabathaSouthey: I can say this because I'm not a journalist. Journalists being (largely) not assholes, won't say it but now, more than ever, journalists are essential workers. They're out covering this enormous, exhausting story, sometimes at considerable risk to themselves. Thanks, journalists.

RT @michaelcoren: I'm used to trolls/bots but since the #GeorgeFloydProtests something very sinister has emerged: people tweeting that their or a relative's store has been destroyed by #antifa - when I question them, their account disappears. This is organized disinformation.