All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @Titan1996Fan: RT @Titan1996Fan: #MundineGreen2 why does it take 30 mins to cut someones stream but 3 weeks for foxtel to reply to my email?

RT @SquigglyRick: RT @SquigglyRick: Oh look it's Pete Evans not getting vaccinated at the tennis.

RT @SquigglyRick: RT @SquigglyRick: Cool storm Sydney, does it come in a men's?

RT @OffsidersABC: RT @OffsidersABC: Surely he can't win from there? #Chautauqua TJ Smith Stakes @ChampionshipsRR #Offsiders

RT @abushnell_IPA: RT @abushnell_IPA: "Five for one million is the hardest time to bat..." Ch 9 commentary team's defence of Wade just reached peak absurdity.…

RT @abushnell_IPA: "Chief diversity and inclusion officer" wants to exclude Trump from Twitter so platform has less diverse range of views. Typical.…

RT @abushnell_IPA: If they are now cheaper, we don't need to subsidise them. This is great news! Australian taxpayers will be delighted to keep hold of their $60 billion.…

RT @SaintFrankly: RT @SaintFrankly: Federer - nothing betterer .. #AusOpen

RT @SaintFrankly: So the leaders of North & South Korea have met today creating a seismic shift in relations with profound consequences for the planet. But why do it on the day @AFL is changing the start time of The Grand Final. Have they no respect for history?!?