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Member of Parliament for West Ham

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RT @TracyBrabin: After this speech @michaelgove stood at dispatch box and said it was the EU that said no....🤷‍♀️…

RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 7 January 1926 | German Jewish girl Liselote Erdmann was born in Saarbrücken. During the war she lived in Paris. In July 1943 she was deported from #Drancy to #Auschwitz. She did not survive.

RT @UKLabour: The deepest recession of any major economy, chaos at our borders and businesses teetering on the brink. Where is the Chancellor?

RT @PippaCrerar: Hearing that DfE is about to announce that *all* London primary schools will now keep their gates shut until Jan 18 at least. It was, frankly, ridiculous that neighbouring boroughs were expected to have different policies despite in some cases having higher Covid rates.

RT @BootstrapCook: Oh also, fuck off using select pieces of my work to try to ‘prove’ it’s possible to eat on a budget. Don’t share the recipes without sharing the very real PTSD seven years on, the multiple suicide attempts, the trauma, the pile of 100+ unopened bills, the paranoia, the lasting >>

RT @BootstrapCook: >>>impact of living in a world of nothing, the long term chronic health problems I have from living in a freezing, uncarpeted, damp, completely unheated flat, the early onset arthritis, the lungs of a heavy smoker, the fear and loathing that multiple therapies can’t assuage >>>

RT @BootstrapCook: >>> don’t you DARE take my work, my recipes built from desperation, thin air, a food bank box and use them to sanctimoniously declare it’s EASY to cook while poor because 7 YEARS LATER I’M TELLING YOU THIS SHIT NEVER EVER STOPS STRANGLING YOU IN YOUR SLEEP. The fucking AUDACITY.

RT @BootstrapCook: >>>the inability to maintain friendships and relationships because I hermitted away for so long, the hoarding, hiding from the doorbell, panic attacks, the tremble when I put my PIN in at a checkout, 100+ unopened bills in my hall, the rootless disjoint of moving 20+ times >>>

RT @cheryl_mathieu: These are hard times for a great many people - but if you can spare even a little you will be doing a very good thing.

RT @lynbrownmp: Just been asked if the £££ collected by this just giving page is the total sum of Toy Appeal donations. It’s not. We are v. grateful to a number of corporate givers that provide the bulk of the money spent. Despite their generosity we are in need, hence my regular Twitter appeals