All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Norwich South: “Deepening our democracy, expanding it, extending power, is the best way to challenge its erosion these past 40 years.” ✨

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@RichardInLeedss @Turingalila I like the fact he’s willing to stand up and speak sense to someone who isn’t showing that much. Due process, the rule of law and double jeopardy are values most folk in this country feel worth upholding. Lynch mob justice less so.

RT @YoungLiberalsUK: We've written to the Home Secretary demanding the #Jamaica50 deportation flight is stopped, and for findings of investigations into the Home Office's discriminatory practices to be implemented. cc. @BARACUK @BameFor @amcarmichaelMP @EdwardJDavey @ukhomeoffice @UKHomeSecretary

@angelaeagle Good, good - so you’ve acknowledged half off the equation. Now the other bit :)

RT @softhardleft: RT @softhardleft: @OwenJones84 He was wrong about the election a lot but I particularly enjoyed this one ft @labourlewis…

RT @4Day_Week: RT @4Day_Week: ◽◽◽The Spanish Government are considering a four day week…

RT @frankieboyle: I found a link where you can pre-order my new book The Future of British Politics. It's largely jokes, and pretty short.…

RT @frankieboyle: Enjoy living in a timeline where because Corbyn's glasses are a bit wonky you're two years away from living in a tent city outside an Amazon warehouse trying to Gofund a tonsillectomy #ITVDebate

RT @frankieboyle: Next up, I'm A Celebrity, which depicts your life 4 years from now. Living in the woods, arguing with a group of strangers about rations while one of you disappears every week. #ITVLeadersDebate

RT @frankieboyle: RT @frankieboyle: Trump supporters pretty angry about this giant baby balloon, probably because it’s not in a cage