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Karen Buck (Labour) retweeted @jancienski :

RT @jancienski: RT @jancienski: We had such an outpouring of anti-Semitic and racist vitriol in comments under the story we had to them shut down. https://…

RT @HadleyFreeman: Imagine being a person who hears a woman was raped and then focuses her criticism on the woman. Why wd you want to be that person?…

RT @HadleyFreeman: Always super cool to hear from British men what American women should and shouldn’t be allowed to do with their bodies 👍…

RT @HadleyFreeman: I know this is all terrible. But there’s something to be said for watching the whole country come together against something that isn’t the virus

Karen Buck (Labour) retweeted @HenryPryor :

RT @HenryPryor: More than 82,000 households living in temporary accommodation - 5% up on 12 months ago and 71% up on 2010. 123,630 children are living in temporary accommodation too.…

Karen Buck (Labour) retweeted @HenryPryor :

RT @HenryPryor: RT @HenryPryor: Wow, @Airbnb_uk listings jump 43% Iin London according to @PorticoProp

Karen Buck (Labour) retweeted @HenryPryor :

RT @HenryPryor: 84,740 households in B&B, hostels and other temporary accommodation at the end of March, including 126,020 children - highest number since mid-2007 and compares with a low of 48,010 in 2010. Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it? 😡…

Karen Buck (Labour) retweeted @HenryPryor :

RT @HenryPryor: Lady Thatcher's legacy - private landlords now own 40% of the council homes sold off under #Right2Buy and the rents have doubled.

Karen Buck (Labour) retweeted @HenryPryor :

RT @HenryPryor: About £10bn of the £22bn housing benefit bill went to landlords in the private rented sector, up from just £4.6bn in 2005/06. Time we fixed the underlying problems — high rents, high house prices & inadequate social housing.

Karen Buck (Labour) replied to @StKensal :

@StKensal @wminsterlabour @MayorofLondon Am horribly only too aware of all these things, and many more. There are some very difficult challenges locally, and *vastly* fewer resources to help deal with them.