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Former Member of Parliament for Ynys Môn.

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RT @HMorganThompson: Ratings out of 10 in this poll. Labour figures take a big lead. Boris Johnson 4.1 (-1.2) Keir Starmer 5.6 (+2.3) Mark Drakeford 5.1 (+1.1) Paul Davies 3.7 (-0.3) Adam Price 4.8 (-0.1)

RT @HMorganThompson: RT @HMorganThompson: Battery manufacturer chooses Wales for new factory and 3,500 jobs…

RT @davesgould: RT @davesgould: Labour in power lads ◽. Labour in power...…

RT @CarysRoberts8: RT @CarysRoberts8: Stroke association 5k Resolution run ◽ Anglesey..

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Albert Owen (Labour) retweeted @daranhill :

RT @daranhill: From the archives ... here’s #thisisnotarecess episode on the Attlee government, which took office 75 years ago today. Featuring @SamBlaxland @AlbertOwen2020 @VikkiHowells @martinjohnes and, of course, @AlunDaviesMS…

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RT @daranhill: As I won't be on Twitter tomorrow, here's this week's #WelshPoliticalIcons as @DrLeeworthy provides a detailed overview & a warm tribute to Dorothy Rees, local government stalwart and the first female MP from South Wales.… I'll plug it again later this week

Albert Owen (Labour) tweeted :

Bore da-Good Morning-it’s early days but this is more like it, Take care. @UKLabour @Everton : @BritainElects Westminster voting intention: CON: 42% (-2) LAB: 38% (-) LDEM: 6% (-1) via @DeltapollUK , 24 - 25 Sep Chgs. w/ 10 Jul