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MP for Port Hills, Authorised by Ruth Dyson 642 Ferry Road, Chch

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RT @f_flipp: My 85 yo mother feels so supported by the winter energy supplement. Under @NZNationalParty she’d have nothing and I’d have $20 a week I’d rather was spent on those who need it.

RT @gj_robins: RT @gj_robins: On election day 2014, 92.6% of estimated eligible NZers were enrolled. Today, it's 89.1%. 17 days to go - encourage everyo…

Ruth Dyson (labour-party) tweeted :

I neither coerce nor deface.

RT @secondzeit: RT @secondzeit: @mrbarnabyb I’m the same. I’m sure about the other question but not euthanasia

RT @tina_plunkett: RT @tina_plunkett: @jacindaardern proving once again why she's the queen of SM in politics

Ruth Dyson (labour-party) tweeted :

Just heard the mist recent poll on the Cannabis referendum question. The current system isn't working imfrom either a health or inform justice perspective. Having a health based regulated system would be safer and would work for all NZers. #VoteYesForCannabisRegulation

RT @seen_in_ak: RT @seen_in_ak: This rubbish about Nic Smith being concerned about Kauri felling is so two-faced. He was instrumental in banning tree prote…

RT @SharonWoodings: RT @SharonWoodings: Get to chambers art gallery this week #DontMissOut #chchnz

RT @MegWilliamsNZ: Wow lovely that it's been 5 years since the Marriage Equality bill passed its final reading but whatever happened to that slippery slope? I thought I'd be able to marry a KFC chicken bucket by now

RT @almondmilkthief: RT @almondmilkthief: This is me calling out. Anyone in Wellington has a room available by the end of Jan? Rent limit $170 pw. Queer friendl…