All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP in the New Zealand Parliament. MP for Te Atatu. Authorised by Phil Twyford, 300 Great North Road, Henderson.

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RT @listerdance: RT @listerdance: @PhilTwyford moved family to the UK in order to afford good home and affordable lifestyle. My God Auckland what has become…

RT @Wai_Whanau: Hmmm interesting korero no doubt Mrs T! Some of our manuhiri who have just arrived - Hon Will Jackson @WillieJLabour Hon Phil Twyford @PhilTwyford Hon Phil Goff @phil_goff & some of the team #WaiXWai18

RT @mattedwords: RT @mattedwords: Who needs truth and accountability when you can bend it like Bennett? @paulabennettmp #nzqt #nzpol

RT @danylmc: RT @danylmc: If Nick Smith was actually a daring avant-garde performance artist that would explain quite a lot.

RT @danylmc: RT @danylmc: Key: 'Labour ruined the housing market! Also, home construction is almost back at 2008 levels.'

RT @vivdostine: RT @vivdostine: .@PhilTwyford motorway, pylons and mangroves? Near beautiful conservation area, close to transport, and modern infrastructu…

RT @samfromwgtn: RT @samfromwgtn: This is the best explanation of the psychology of Auckland house prices (and everything else) I have seen:…

RT @ediths_online: RT @ediths_online: When my daughter asks where @PhilTwyford is, "look for the only white guy here"

RT @ediths_online: RT @ediths_online: The day I go to church in Ranui @PhilTwyford attends, good choice Phil!

RT @TalkingAuckland: RT @TalkingAuckland: @PhilTwyford you are welcome Phil Glad the post was able to help Now then to #ChangeTheGovernment