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RT @jmodoh: RT @jmodoh: Excellent GIF featuring the Speaker of New Zealand's Parliament…

RT @alicesoapbox: Oh cool, I’m furious. Is there even any version of reality where they don’t have the ABs play a year out from a World Cup? HOW IS THIS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?! Honestly, why are we even a part of a union that does not serve us?

@JennaLynchNZ @NewshubNZ have a look at these figures and tell us again that you want loose border arrangements for @unionargentina @Springboks - give us strength. I’ve done more than any other politician to facilitate international sport in NZ but not at all costs.

RT @NewshubENT: RT @NewshubENT: 'Like magic': Daredevil David Blaine floats nearly 8km into sky using helium balloons

RT @PronouncedHare: Okay so i know this isn’t really a core job of the prime minister but her eggs in the window initiative has saved our easter afternoon.

@RReidFU @nzmrichards With Privileges Committee

RT @PronouncedHare: Insolvency law is supposed to protect creditors, and Damien is very energetic on behalf of creditors. There was a really big case last year where creditors overwhelmingly dumped a big firm liquidator so that Damien could be appointed instead.

RT @PronouncedHare: The panel that has now stripped Damien of his livelihood was chaired by the person who was axed by creditors so Damien could be appointed. It's like cartelisation by regulation.

@jd_ange @CoopsLa @morgan28d @ClintVSmith And the MP who watched them play the most was delighted with the result, gutted not to be there but agrees it is entirely that it is appropriate for the Minister of Sport to be present for a really big thing for women’s sport - and sport generally

@SamSachdevaNZ Yet to be decided but no appetite for it yet.