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RT @MYHCWellington: As part of the official programme, YB Dato' Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof, Speaker of the House of Reps šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾ @MYParlimen was givā€¦

RT @Kris_Bartley: RT if you have ever swum in a river in NZ.ā€¦

RT @Jade00582145: Every single anti-vax comment on the Internet can be refuted by well researched, scientific evidence by experts who knowā€¦

RT @JCaineNZ: Minister @NanaiaMahuta is chairing the Government Indigenous Business and Trade Wananga in Rotorua with representatives fromā€¦

RT @JCaineNZ: Now: Minister ā¦@NanaiaMahutaā© opening the ā¦@WIBF_ILDIIā© welcoming delegates from around the world including Chile, Mexico, Guā€¦

RT @tweetandtwig: Thanks for today, @DavidClarkNZ. This is super. #timetorest

RT @tweetandtwig: Because trees are #worthsaving, we need another look at these tree protection rules in the #RMA @Megan_Woods @EugenieSageā€¦

RT @tweetandtwig: < Oh whoops, that last rt was 2-months old news. @adzebill @BringBackMoa @TrevorMallard @WhMus