All deleted tweets from politicians

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nomfup (italia) retweeted @paolapeduzzi :

RT @paolapeduzzi: RT @paolapeduzzi: Il discorso di Blair tradotto su ⁦@ilfoglio_it⁩…

nomfup (italia) retweeted @AlisonMoyet :

RT @AlisonMoyet: Me, aged 16, 1977, before non-binary was a thing, when no ‘girls’ looked like this and were battered for it, and before I was demonised for saying I didn’t identify as Cis. We, aged 50+, had our detractors too. This tweet will soon too disappear.

nomfup (italia) retweeted @MikeBloomberg :

RT @MikeBloomberg: He lies. He bullies. He gets away with it. Our kids are watching Donald Trump. Is this the lesson we want them to learn?

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RT @andcasu: RT @andcasu: Auguri Pina! Oggi e sempre nel nostro cuore #12febbraio #PinaCocci

nomfup (italia) retweeted @BBCPolitics :

RT @BBCPolitics: And asked about the upcoming cabinet reshuffle: "PJ Masks will do a greater job than all of them put together" says Dominic Cummings

nomfup (italia) retweeted @andreavianel :

RT @andreavianel: Con #ogniparolachesapevo svelo un tema sommerso e che deve diventare pubblico. Questa pagina di @repubblica di oggi lo spiega bene. I rischi delle manipolazioni cervicali devono essere esplicitati prima di farle da parte di osteopati e chiropratici

nomfup (italia) tweeted :

La conversazione - fiera, informata, libera - tra Lucia Annunziata e @rulajebreal a @inmezzora. Servizio pubblico. Grazie

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RT @1Br0wn: RT @1Br0wn: Hiding in plain sight: activists don makeup to beat London police facial recognition…

nomfup (italia) retweeted @BenGoldey :

RT @BenGoldey: RT @BenGoldey: Kamala Harris really doesn’t want you to see this video #DemDebate

nomfup (italia) retweeted @BernieSanders :

RT @BernieSanders: Unlike Pete Buttigieg I don't have 40 billionaires contributing to my campaign from the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street. We have 1.5 million hard-working Americans who want real change. #DemDebate