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RT @b_judah: Billions spent on defending Washington against foreign terrorists. And the Capitol was breached like this by Trump supporters...

RT @b_judah: Just flagging the new head of the CDU and likely Merkel successor made Assad and Russia apologia tweets a Twitter mainstay.

RT @nickconfessore: Has there ever been a vaccine before where ordinary people found themselves parsing the different vaccines brands? It's such an odd position to find ourselves in.

RT @marceldirsus: Quite the moment: A press conference with Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez and the President of Lithuania is interrupted because the military needs to get the fighter aircraft they're using for the photo opportunity in the air to respond to Russian jets

Mul on hea meel anda üle Helena Jäele Eesti Noore Stipendiumi. Sel korral oli essee teemaks - Krüpto- ja plokiahela-tehnoloogiad Eesti heaks: miks ja kuidas panna programmeerijad, juristid ja poliitikud ühte keelt rääkima?

RT @josephfcox: New: this is truly insane. For $16, a hacker rerouted my texts; received messages meant for me; broke into my online accounts. This isn't SIM jacking or SS7. You just pay a company in this unregulated wild west and get control of text routing in minutes…

RT @sankuperis: 🇱🇹’s approaching yet another tragic anniversary - July 31st will mark 30 years since Medininkai massacre on Lithuanian border post, assault committed by Soviet OMON. 8 officers were shot and killed, only one survivor left w brain damage and immobility for the rest of his life.

Ausalt öeldes ei kujuta ma ette ühtegi teist demokraatliku riiki, mille parlamendis, rahuliku südame ja teiste parlamendiliikmete naeru saatel, kasutataks sellist roppu kõnepruuki.