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Shahram Ghahramani (iran) tweeted :

These sanctions(tariff on steel and sanction on Turkish officials) not surprise and not even real embargo! It is just a statement to keep some Senators happy! It was apparent that #Trump wasn’t really going to sanction #Turkey for a move for which he had green lighted #Erdogan

RT @RojavaNetwork: Video of the celebrations in the city of Qamişlo of the agreement between Syrian democratic forces and syrian army confr…

@MaysamBehravesh به این توافق یا هر چی‌ فقط میشه خندید! ارتش اسد اگه همون دمشق و حلب و چهار تا روستای دیگه‌ که تو کنترلش هست رو بتونه حفظ کنه کلی شاهکار کرده!

Shahram Ghahramani (iran) tweeted :

#Erdogan tweets in Arabic using Islam and religion to rally around the flag! Saying: “Army of Prophet Mohamed” invading on his behalf Northern #Syria to fight #Kurdish forces.

@alihashem_tv The link says Iran National Petroleum company denied the attack not FM!

@Manzarpour @Haniesoltanpour این عکس ربطی به نفتکش سابیتی نداره و هیچ‌ کسی بجز این خانم این عکس رو با‌ نام سابیتی منتشر نکرده! عکس مربوط هست به حادثه نفتکش Front Altair در ژوئن امسال!

@Haniesoltanpour @Manzarpour هیچ‌جایی این عکس بعنوان نفتکش سابیتی منتشر نشده! خیلی زور زدی عکس یه نقتکش با دود سیاه رو پیدا کنی؟!

Shahram Ghahramani (iran) tweeted :

There isn’t any explosion or attack in Iranian oil tanker! Moments ago #Iran Foreign Ministry also denied news about explosion! #SABITI

Shahram Ghahramani (iran) tweeted :

#Erdogan Moments ago to European countries: “if you call our operation in Northern Syria an invasion, then we could just open the gates and send 3.6 million #Syrian refugees into Europe”