All deleted tweets from politicians

Husband, Dad, Grandfather, University Professor, President, Mayor, Governor, Soccer Player, Proud Iranian

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@realdonaldtrump Depriving people and citizens, and disturbing their current and regular way of life, is an unforgivable sin and results in heavy punishment by God, and the people hurt by the implementation of such policies.

June 12, 2009 (Khordad 22, 1388) is the day that the will of the people defeated the power of the media and the wealth of the different political parties.

Mr. @realDonaldTrump hopefully the #USWithdrawal from #Syria and #Afghanistan would not be a new chance and excuse to start another war.

Isn't the main goal of a government to satisfy the demands of citizens? These protesters are the same citizens. Listen to their demands, and fulfill them in the best way possible.Certainly no power has the ability to stand against the the people. @EmmanuelMacron #ParisProtests

Can one really believe the #UnitedStatesGovernment is not able to keep a law obeying citizen @imammusa7 safe in #OaklandCalifornia but is worried about the safety of people in the #MiddleEast 12000 kilometers away. #ImamMusa

Mahdi Ahmadi, [Aban 21, 1397 AP at 09:21:23]: Happy Birthday to a real man @Mashaei1960 . We love you and are awaiting your return. #SpringIsComing #SpringIsInTheAir

Happy Birthday to a real man @Mashaei1960 . We love you and are awaiting your return. #SpringIsComing #SpringIsInTheAir 👍

Thanks for following. 100 #Tweets and beyond. #Twitter

Thanks for fallowing. 100 #Tweets and beyond. #Twitter