All deleted tweets from politicians

Corporator, Akola Municipal Corporation. Consultant Physician at Rainbow, Icon Hospital. #Nehruvian #ConstitutionalDemocracy

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RT @RahulGandhi: The Corona Virus is an extremely serious threat to our people and our economy. My sense is the government is not taking this threat seriously. Timely action is critical. #coronavirus…

RT @RahulGandhi: RT @RahulGandhi: Remembering the brave Judge Loya, who wasn’t transferred.

RT @NotSoSnob: This country is built on these ethos...Remember this lovely song when all the stars came together Anand Rai posted a clip on insta, i google and found the full song

RT @NaliniSinghFc: RT @NaliniSinghFc: Unemployment rate at 45-year high, confirms Labour Ministry data…

RT @WeTheVoter: RT @WeTheVoter: Do you think there is Jangal Raj in UP?

RT @DennisCricket_: RT @DennisCricket_: I'm publicly calling this person out. Anyone know him?

RT @shahrukhdevdas: Dil Se is said to be a journey through the 7 shades of love that are defined in Arabic literature. Those shades are defined as an attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession and death. The character played by Shahrukh passes through each shade during the film.

Zishan (india) retweeted @CHIRU_NEWS :

RT @CHIRU_NEWS: RT @CHIRU_NEWS: This was how Smt.IndiraGandhiji reacted at a time of war .. now .... where is the 56 inch crocodile hunter hiding? https://…

RT @MashraniVivek: Putting 3 year jail term for not using CSR funds... Can we have similar jail term for PM and ministers if they are not able to finish projects like smart cities and bullett trains from allocated budget?