All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @AiyshaJebali: Are you a recent #English or #Film graduate and looking for some #writingexperience? @filmforums are looking for #interns and would love to hear from you. Email with your CV to find out more! Experience is desirable but not compulsory.

RT @PawanDurani: What games @AmitShah is playing with Kashmiri Hindus by replacing. Sensitive "Murmuru' with insensitive @manojsinha_ ji ... Kashmiri Hindu are being compromised , he has no idea , what a farce ,,, send him to other place except where cold enters a dhoti !

RT @BesuraTaansane: RT @BesuraTaansane: How it started ..... How it ended ◽◽◽◽ Recvd via WA - so please don’t give me any gyan ◽◽

RT @ANN_Newsable: #TanishqAdControversy | Union Home Minister Amit Shah slams those behind the controversy over the Tanishq advertisement, says stop this ‘over-activism’…

RT @rajkannanrajan: RT @rajkannanrajan: Cyber criminals are smarter, better-funded and more numerous than ever

RT @ManojGoelBJP: India’s First Animal Bridges In Delhi-Mumbai Expressway To Protect Animals आदरणीय पीएमश्री @narendramodi साहेब के नई सोच का नया भारत🇮🇳🙏🏻

Naorem Mohen (india) tweeted :

The hate for Muslims is such that these fake Nationalist will throw out APJ Kalam and Bismillah Khan from India. Not all Muslim are jehadi and not all Hindus are sanyasi. #Islamophobia_Is_Terrorism

RT @Anurag_Dwary: जबलपुर में लोडिंग ऑटो ने स्कूटी सवार को टक्कर मार दी बाद युवती ने फोन करके अपने रिश्तेदार को वहां पर बुला लिया वहां पहुंचे आरोपियों ने ऑटो चालक को तालिबानी अंदाज में बेदम पीटा आरोपी इलाके के नामी बदमाश हैं @ChouhanShivraj @VTankha @DGP_MP @drnarottammisra

RT @venusupadhayaya: #EpochTimes visited the home of martyred Tibetan soldier, #NyimaTenzin in #Leh. Here’s a message from the family to Prime Minister @narendramodi @PMOIndia #LadakhHeroes “We request PM Modi for help for the education of the children of our martyr, Nyima Tenzin.” Story soon.

RT @JantaKaReporter: RT @JantaKaReporter: Congress spokesperson Khushbu Sundar to join BJP in Delhi today? Cryptic tweet fuels speculations…