All deleted tweets from politicians

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Father,son,husband,brother,friend,colleague. MP & Parliamentary party leader (Rajya Sabha) @AITCofficial Author of #InsideParliament Insta:

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Important interview on the third anniversary of #GST @DrAmitMitra my colleague in Trinamool and Bengal FM, spot on as always. Watch this excerpt from his interview with @ShereenBhan For more videos, pics & infographics follow me on #Instagram>>

In an age where most media owners grovel to please the Terrible Twins, a select few still allow reporters to speak truth to power.

RT @derekobrienmp: Before #Unlock2 let’s backtrack and examine how the Centre imposed a flawed lockdown that caused immense suffering. #Reupping the article I wrote for @htTweets Read >>

The government imposed a flawed lockdown. It has caused immense suffering #Reupping the article I wrote for @htTweets Read >>

.@narendramodi Ji if things are so hunky-dory with @UPGovt's #COVID response,then why has it not released its daily #COVID19 bulletins to the public for the last 10days. And why do U single out non-BJP states while ignoring such serious lapses by your very own @myogiadityanath Ji

RT @SaketGokhale: Did you know that Modi’s unplanned lockdown killed 581 people who didn’t even have Covid-19? Or that unemployment has gone to an all-time high of 23.8%? This piece by @derekobrienmp exposes the dark reality of Modi’s disastrous lockdown.…

RT @MaheshNBhatt: RT @MaheshNBhatt: Man oh man ! What a man !!! ◽ My tribute to my dad. Today in The Telegraph.

RT @joybhattacharj: The man who started quizzing in Calcutta. It's exactly four years since he left us. @derekobrienmp tells us his life story in, what else, a quiz!…