All deleted tweets from politicians

President All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen Party & Member of Parliament Lok Sabha (Hyderabad Constituency) Barrister-at-Law (Lincolns Inn), England

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Asaduddin Owaisi (india) retweeted @b50 :

RT @b50: RT @b50: Finally an editorial that questions Modi's move. Expectedly, foreign press. WSJ on Modi's money mess:…

Asaduddin Owaisi (india) retweeted @b50 :

RT @b50: That group of Chartered Accountants who refuted the economists? Does that group of CAs have an open letter on how to tackle the slowdown? Itna sannata kyu?

Asaduddin Owaisi (india) tweeted :

AIR's Urdu service has a large listening base within & outside India. It's also played an extremely important role in countering propaganda, especially in border areas. At a time when Pakistani propaganda is at its peak, this is a strategic blunder @PrakashJavdekar must rethink

RT @AmritaNayak3: AIR’s Urdu service truncated to 3 hours from 18. As a result, all counter-propaganda programmes aimed at Pakistan, including Pakistan Diary launched after Balakot strikes last year, lie suspended.… via @ThePrintIndia

RT @aimimupofficial: ऑल इण्डिया मजलिस ए इत्तिहादुल मुस्लिमीन की उत्तर प्रदेश इकाई के अध्यक्ष #ख़तीब_ए_मिल्लत @imShaukatAli साहब ने आज प्रदेश कार्यकारिणी की अंतिम सूची (सदस्यों के फ़ोन नम्बर सहित) जारी की। @aimim_national @asadowaisi

RT @suhrith: I wrote this on how constitutional morality has been undermined by recent events at the Supreme Court. Something to reflect on as we observe Constitution Day:….

RT @suhrith: Will they at least show us the MoP? This entire exercise over the last 2 years has been such an abject waste of time.…

RT @suhrith: The Aadhaar Act was anti-democratic from its conception. That the Supreme Court has allowed it to survive despite its introduction as a money bill is a huge disappointment.…

RT @manujosephsan: Javed Akhtar, who educates people on "courage", has been silent on the sexual misconduct of his friends in the film industry. Surely the simpleton knows that you need more courage to go against the elites of your own profession than to tweet moralistic rebukes to heads of state.

RT @tariqthachil: 3. Specify the right questions. Q3-4 repeats that the NRC will not be based on religion. That is not what people are concerned about. It is the CAA, which is based on religion, providing an asymmetric safety valve regarding the NRC for non-Muslim groups, but not for Muslims.