All deleted tweets from politicians

Lawyer. Social Activist. BJP National Spokesperson. Member of Parliament, New Delhi LS Constituency. Chairperson, Parliamentary Committee on Privileges

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RT @TedhiLakeer: Since #IndiaVsNewZealand has been washed out, treat yourself to this conversation between the @BJP4Delhi MP @M_Lekhi & you…

RT @mark_mybook: A malicious man with a dangerous agenda An assassin on a diabolical mission A courageous politician on a treacherous trail…

Meenakashi Lekhi (india) tweeted :

Thankful to the Mahila Morcha & Kamal Sakhi which celebrated the wins of their sisters in the recent Loksabha elections. We always reach out to each other for affection and support.Also pledge that we will offer opportunities to women showcase full force of their talent & power.

Meenakashi Lekhi (india) tweeted :

Lol bhai Karlo baat ? Mental hain ! Mental strength from where? #INDvsPAK #indvspak2019 #ICCCricketWorldCup2019

Meenakashi Lekhi (india) tweeted :

Dedicated a set of open gym to the community in Pant Nagar and planted some trees with the help of RWA. Grateful to the two booths in Pant Nagar whose vote % was 72%, needless to say who they voted for. 🙏🏽💐

RT @M_Lekhi: This election was a victory of the people and it is my honour to thank them at the BJP Karol Bagh Zilla function…

Those were the days my friend When they sang and danced in the plane ! Simple times for the than PM and the media , As they may be flying with the PM in the ✈️ but pictures were all black and white !