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Alka Lamba

MLA-Delhi, मेरे विचार मेरे ही हैं,जवाबदेही मेरी है,किसी और कि नही-🙏.

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RT @DubeyAbhayRofl: गधे पर चढ़ने की औकात नहीं, बनते घुड़सवार हैं युवा बेरोज़गार, सारे कामक्कल बन गए चौकिदार हैं। देखिए भाजपा के फ़र्ज़ी रा…

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RT @imMAK02: "Vote in favor of Modi if you want to destroy Muslims" : BJP Leader Ranjeet Bahadur in Barabanki, UP Each and Every day Hind…

RT @_YogendraYadav: In a debate on Pragya Singh's candidature, BJP's @amitmalviya had no answers. So he used the standard distraction trick…

RT @abpnewshindi: पेरू के पूर्व राष्ट्रपति गार्सिया ने गिरफ्तारी के डर से खुद को गोली मारकर जान दी, भ्रष्टाचार का था आरोप…

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RT @soniandtv: This is .....speechless. How can a terror accused contest elections as a candidate of the governing party. What message are…

RT @MyFellowIndians: #NewIndia Where @HardikPatel_ cannot fight elections because of Bogus Sedition Charges but #SadhviPragya , out on BA…

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RT @the_hindu: #JustIn | Election Commission of India suspends official for checking PM's helicopter in Sambalpur, #Odisha

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RT @iamkatju: BJP is not a political party. It is an organised gang of goons, uneducated school dropouts and brain washed morons.

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RT @dna: Indian Rupee falls by 18 paise, closes at 69.60 against US dollar

Alka Lamba (india) tweeted :

Really Sad news specially for his Mother.... What a bad Luck. RIP