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Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) from Karnataka| Indian National Congress| Economist, Policy Expert

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RT @ParveenKaswan: When people of #Jalandhar saw #Dhauladhar range first time ever. Dhualdhar’s mountain ranges lies at a distance of 213 kms from Jalandhar. This is how pollution made us blind !! PC Net.

RT @ParveenKaswan: The #family which drinks together, stays together. True for #tigers also. While #Mother is on a watch. And pictures like this increase our confidence in #conservation efforts. Picture by Vinod Goel from Western #India.

RT @lakkaraju1: A towering leader of @INCIndia, recalling my last convo with #JaipalReddy garu where he said- is only Nehruvian thinking which can hold the nation’s conscience together & lead us away from a regressive path which otherwise remains a natural tendency of our society.

Jairam Ramesh (india) tweeted :

what en encounter!!!

More photographs from this remarkable series by @shaazjung

Jairam Ramesh (india) tweeted :

I can you assure you Chairman-garu @MVenkaiahNaidu that this will not happen if you allow virtual meetings of Parliamentary Standing Committees here.…

Jairam Ramesh (india) tweeted :

Princeton Univ has decided to remove Woodrow Wilson's name from its school of public & international affairs as he was a segregationist. Incidentally, his daughter Margaret became Aurobindo's devotee in 1938, who named her Nistha. She died in Puducherry in 1944 & is buried there.

Jairam Ramesh (india) tweeted :

This is the 4th cycle. Camera traps started over a decade go and progressively got increased. You want to rake credit for this also?

Jairam Ramesh (india) tweeted :

this is a silly and a bogus argument really. on those occasions we did not have ADVANCE information on who will attend and who will not. This time around members have informed BEFORE meeting.

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