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Dipankar (india) tweeted :

The sculptor and his creation

Dipankar (india) retweeted @suhrith :

RT @suhrith: RT @suhrith: I wrote this for @the_hindu on how the GST violates the Constitution's federal structure:…

Dipankar (india) tweeted :

Heard about the @PiyushGoyal's private trains? Now look at the other side of the coin. Recruitment is being frozen and 50% posts are being surrendered. The railways used to be the biggest public employer in India. Those jobs & job reservations are now vanishing. Protest! Resist!

Dipankar (india) retweeted @MajorPoonia :

RT @MajorPoonia: जिस्म वो क्या जिस्म है जिसमें न हो खूने-जुनूँ, क्या वो तूफाँ से लड़े जो कश्ती-ए-साहिल में है ? सरफ़रोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है,देखना है ज़ोर कितना बाज़ु-ए-कातिल में है ! Tribute to freedom fighters Ram Prasad Bismil, Roshan Singh n Ashfaqulla Khan on their martyrdom day🌺

Dipankar (india) retweeted @amohit17 :

RT @amohit17: A little birdie tells me that Dear Leader will pay a surprise visit to Ladakh tomorrow and Kadi Ninda won’t be going! Expect ballistic propaganda tomorrow!

Dipankar (india) retweeted @azadessa :

RT @azadessa: Since 2016 Indian armed forces have escalated the use of lead pellets in #Kashmir: 18 people killed 139 blinded 1,459 injured in at least one eye 2,942 injured in the head, chest, arms, legs

Dipankar (india) retweeted @ShoaibDaniyal :

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: Shaheen Bagh has received a lot of flak for blocking traffic. But an analysis by @VijaytaL found that much of the traffic congestion is actually due to the fact that Delhi Police has arbitrarily blocked off alternative routes!…

Dipankar (india) retweeted @AshrafFem :

RT @AshrafFem: ममता बनर्जी पर फेसबुक पोस्ट करने वाली युवती जब गिरफ्तार हुई थी तो मीडिया मे हलचल मच गया था, फ्रीडम ऑफ स्पीच खतरे में थी, आज योगी जी पर ट्वीट करने कि वजह से 'द वायर' के पूर्व पत्रकार प्रशांत कनोजिया कि गिरफ्तारी हो गई है, मीडिया धोनी का गलव्स दिखा रहा है, फ्रिडम ऑफ स्पीच जीवित है।

RT @amar_hrhelpdesk: I lost my father today morning to COVID we want other family family members to get tested today only. which labs are not doing they are in danger. We are trying since morning. My mother, brother, his wife and two kids. Pls help.