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RT @kkuruganti: This is just amazing that this is being done to farmers again and again, when it is agricultural incomes that will sustain even the returning migrants at this point of time back to rural india. @PMOIndia Pls restore the duty back to earlier levels or more.

RT @MirrorNow: 5 states face #Locust attack in India. Chairman, Bharat Krishak Samaj, @ajayvirjakhar explains why these locusts are creating a havoc in the states. and how we can deal with this kind of a threat @tanvishukla

Ajay Vir Jakhar (india) tweeted :

@nsitharaman #EconomicPackage agri market reforms facilitate trade were opposed by bureaucracy & states Need ammendment to reduce & standardize trader commission charged on sale of agri commodities from: Fruit & vegetables 6-8% to 2% Non perishables from 2.5% to 1% लीची Lychee

RT @Mithileshdhar: दिल्ली की मंडियों में टमाटर की कीमत 1 रुपये किलो पहुंच चुकी है। नाराज किसान ने टमाटर मंडी में ही फेंक दिया। यही टमाटर हम 15-20 रुपए किलो खरीदकर खा रहे हैं। किसानों की बर्बादी का क्रम जारी है। @_YogendraYadav @Devinder_Sharma @_JaiKisan @swaraj_abhiyan @swati_gs #CoronaFootprint

RT @CPR_India: [WEBINAR]: 'Rebuilding the Rural Economy' featuring @HarishDamodara1 @himanshujnu @Ajayvirjakhar Mekhala Krishnamurthy & @AiyarYamini. Wednesday, 20 May, 3:30 PM, via Zoom. Limited slots, register here: More information:

RT @HaseebDrabu: RT @HaseebDrabu: Opinion | Not a Rambo package, as the ₹20 trillion figure suggests…

RT @sirajnoida: If and when EC Act is amended, will sugar also be out of its ambit? EC Act and policies on MSP and FRP are closely intertwined. Agriculture is much too complex!

RT @sanjeevsanyal: The agriculture sector reforms announced yesterday by FM @nsitharaman are historic at multiple levels. It frees up Indian farmers & the food supply chain after 700 years of exploitation (so it is not just about reversing a socialist era mistake). 1/n

Ajay Vir Jakhar (india) tweeted :

My take after listening to 3rd Govt economic package: 'Approach a long term vision statement for India, & not Keynesian economics which would be ‘Unemployment is caused if people don’t spend enough money’ Pushing & channelizing liquidity in the economy not demand generation.

RT @sanjeebm77: Just a point: The NABARD refinance scheme and expanding of KCC to PM KISAN beneficiaries announced today as part of COVID pkg was in 2020-21 Budget speech...see point 23(12).