All deleted tweets from politicians

IFP Member of Parliament. Proudly South African. IG: liezvandermerwe

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RT @MTshwete: RT @MTshwete: Governments single-mindedness on coronavirus is amazing......imagine if unemployment received this focus for 5 years ◽◽◽◽

Liezl van der Merwe (IFP) tweeted :

We have a justice system that’s anti-women & anti-vulnerable. To make matters worse: we spend more than R350 on a perpetrator of violence in jail but shelters struggle to survive. They’re lucky if they get R50 from Gov per person. It’s too much. Our priorities ain’t right💔💔💔💔

RT @ZolaNdwandwe: Remembering Jabu Baloyi - a man who deeply cared about protecting children from drug predators. Our national hero! ✊🏾 #JabuBaloyi

RT @PieterHowes: RT @PieterHowes: The great side of humanity.…

RT @jameelajamil: RT @jameelajamil: I’m on the war path.

RT @FunnymanPage: RT @FunnymanPage: Love this ❤❤❤❤◽◽

RT @MTshwete: RT @MTshwete: Sentletse will be donating a million tweets

RT @Sochangane: KZN Department of Education is refuting claims it paid R170,000 for water Tanks. The Department says it spent R28,000 per 5000L water tank. A 5250L water tank costs R4,899 at Makro. They paid R23,000 more than market price. Almost 500% profit. WOW

RT @Gaye_Davis: RT @Gaye_Davis: R1.6 billion stolen from the Eastern Cape’s social development fund… Sickening...

RT @Arfness: RT @Arfness: The competition for most clueless minister heats up.