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💚 Scottish Greens' Exec Chair, MSP for West Scotland, 'youngest ever MSP' etc. Christian ✝️ Socialist 🍉 Always @YesScotland he/him

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Ross Greer (Green) replied to @deetoured :

@deetoured @scotgp Yes, that is exactly my point. Named Person wasnt rejected by Parliament, it was doomed by a huge screwed-up inside the government.

Ross Greer (Green) retweeted @fhenriques :

RT @fhenriques: The #GreenWave is at all levels: the Greens have just entered the government of Finland. 🌻🇫🇮🇪🇺 ✅ carbon neutrality by 2035…

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Flamingo Land ave withdrawn their plans for Loch Lomond... for now. ✍️Sign the petition calling on Scottish Enterprise to end the exclusivity agreement Flamingo Land have on the land. It's time to give community ownership a chance:…

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Thank you @RNLI for recognising that a drowning children is as deserving of help in Bangladesh as in Britain. Thank you Daily Mail for reminding us all the RNLI are sound like that.

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Massive spying story breaking in Canada. Potentially serious implications here, given UK shares extensively with them through Five Eyes.

RT @M4rtinLennon: Today's near miss at Celtic Park should start a conversation about how heavy policing is impacting Scottish football. Wa…

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

The story ends with Icarus plunging to his death due to his own arrogance.

Ross Greer (Green) retweeted @shaunmilne :

RT @shaunmilne: Lots of interest in EU legal action featuring @tobiaslock @davidmartinmep @andywightman @C_Stihler_MEP @joannacherry @AlynS…

Ross Greer (Green) replied to @STVAlison :

@STVAlison @ScotParl @BBCPhilipSim Helping is put on the winter weight early as No-Deal prep?

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :