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@CanadianGreens Parliamentary Leader, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, activist, author & mother. Past Green Party Leader ('06-'19). En français - @MayElizabeth

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RT @AndrewLawton: Conservative leader @AndrewScheer gave a deserved smackdown of the mainstream media's mask shaming obsession this morning.

Elizabeth May (Green) retweeted @spaikin :

RT @spaikin: In the national @CanadianGreens leadership race, @Glen4Climate has just picked up a good endorsement: former Ontario environmental commissioner Gord Miller (who once ran for office as a Conservative). #GreenParty #cdnpoli

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RT @dypks: RT @dypks: @ElizabethMay has some bold ideas to curb hyper-partisanship in the HoC and encourage collaboration:… #cd…

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RT @dypks: The global transition to clean energy is happening much faster than anyone could have imagined 10 or 20 years ago due to new technologies, continuously dropping costs (and growing political will). Great news for the planet! #Energiewende #ClimateAction @cathmckenna @ElizabethMay…

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RT @dypks: @LetsFishSmarter I think I recall @ElizabethMay being ridiculed by other politicians at the time for suggesting these events may have been exacerbated by climate change. Agree it’s great to see more doing so.

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RT @JPTasker: RT @JPTasker: New — Andrew Scheer spotted without a mask at Toronto's Pearson Airport.… #cdnpoli

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RT @BobRae48: Thanks for very kind comments on my appointment as Canada’s UN Ambassador. Grateful for the opportunity! My parents are smiling...

RT @The_KingBee: RT @The_KingBee: @JenicaAtwin Do Fredericton proud Jenica! ◽◽

RT @VillageCoal: RT @VillageCoal: Thank you @ElizabethMay for helping me to understand #BillC51 & for speaking at Saturna Island Town hall Mtg #bcpoli http:…

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RT @HuffPost: One woman has died and a second remains hospitalized after a car drove onto a closed section of highway and sped into a group of people protesting against police brutality in Seattle early on Saturday.