All deleted tweets from politicians

Green MP based in Otautahi/Christchurch. Likes liveable cities & wild places. Authorised by Eugenie Sage, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

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Great work @golrizghahraman. $21 m more in #Budger2020 to support refugees when they arrive in NZ and an increase in the number of family reunifications to 600 annually.

#Budget2020 #RebuildingTogether $1.1 billion for nature based jobs; restoring wetlands, controlling pests and weeds; predator free, planting beside streams and more. Delivering for people and Pāpātuanuku. #HealthyNature #HealthyPeople

We can do this NZ: insulate, properly heat and ventilate 60,000 houses annually for 19 years so that everyone was a warm, dry and healthy home. #COVID19nz #economicrecovery #HealhyHomes #Jobs

RT @guywilliamsguy: RT @guywilliamsguy: The @NZGreens agm today was he first time I've been to a genuinely inspiring political event in nz!

RT @guywilliamsguy: RT @guywilliamsguy: Win or lose I love what Metiria Turei has done. She's stood up at great personal cost, to fight the criminalization of…

RT @guywilliamsguy: The internet is incredibly different depending on your gender, ethnicity or sexuality. I always thought that everyone got crap online but what I’ve experienced isn’t 5% of the real hate that @GolrizGhahraman gets on a daily basis. She's incredibly brave to fight through it.

RT @guywilliamsguy: “We have to hold people to account, from the trolls on the internet right up to MPs and people on our tv screens, every time they use the politics of hate and division and xenophobia. We can’t shed our skin, so they have to stop and we have to stop them.” -@golrizghahraman

RT @guywilliamsguy: .@MaramaDavidson said she wanted to take some of these plants home and was genuinely disappointed to find out they were rented. @NZGreens #seedsofchange

RT @SharonBell_NZ: RT @SharonBell_NZ: One of my kid's digital artworks ◽.