All deleted tweets from politicians

@NZGreens Co-leader living in Manurewa. "1.5 to stay alive". Love for trans people. Indigenous to Aotearoa/NZ. Authorised by Gwen Shaw, 17 Garrett Street Wgtn.

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RT @YungChunnn: Some people in NZ thatve watched When They See Us don’t realise that this happened in our country. Teina Pora spent 21 years in prison after being wrongly convicted for murder, which is 7 years longer than the kid who served the longest in WTSU 😢 Teina needs his own movie 💯

His name was Ahmaud Arbery. His death is tragically just the latest in a long round of, at the very least, questions about the state-sanctioned devaluing of black lives. I've long been speaking up for #BlackLivesMatter and around the world she should continue to.

RT @NZGreens: Catch our Co-leaders @jamespeshaw and @MaramaDavidson as they chat 🔴Live about #climateaction after #Covid_19. 🕢7:30pm | Tune in to our YouTube channel or hit 'subscribe' to get an alert when we launch.

RT @ByRosenberg: Just to recap today's NFL news *Colin Kaepernick won't say if he'll kneel next season, so Seahawaks cancel his tryout *Linebacker Reuben Foster charged with 3 felonies for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the head 8-10 times, and 49ers keep him on the team

RT @guywilliamsguy: RT @guywilliamsguy: A sadface reminder that Metiria Turei was the only political leader to denounce trump after his election.

RT @guywilliamsguy: RT @guywilliamsguy: I'm not #IamMetiria, my life experiences have been about as far from Metiria Turei's as possible. I can't judge her, bu…

RT @guywilliamsguy: RT @guywilliamsguy: Win or lose I love what Metiria Turei has done. She's stood up at great personal cost, to fight the criminalization of…

RT @guywilliamsguy: “We have to hold people to account, from the trolls on the internet right up to MPs and people on our tv screens, every time they use the politics of hate and division and xenophobia. We can’t shed our skin, so they have to stop and we have to stop them.” -@golrizghahraman

RT @guywilliamsguy: I'm stoked (and surprised) to be hosting the @nzlabour and @NZGreens state of the nation address for 2017! Come along this Sunday!

RT @guywilliamsguy: RT @guywilliamsguy: "Delivering for New Zealanders" should come with the caveat that National doesn't count the homeless and beneficiaries…