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Green MP. Minister for Women. Assoc Minister of Transport, Health. I’m into lively streets, real food, and bicycles. Auth by J Genter, Parlt Buildings, WLG

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RT @simonbwilson: To be clear, Akl light rail isn't dead. The Super Fund's PPP proposal probably is, but LRT is budgeted, planning work can proceed and real progress is likely after the election. Assuming willing parties win the election, of course.

RT @BenRoss_AKL: This is the best news and result @JulieAnneGenter Have CC2M revert back to 2017 methodology per AT (urban intensification and connecting Mangere to the airport as an employment centre

RT @DrJessBerentson: It's a compelling frame that we trade off financial loss with public health. We cannot negate this longstanding story in our world, we can only replace it with a better more accurate one: with healthy people & planet we find a way to ensure we have everything that matters most

RT @DrJessBerentson: Omg I just got an amazing email from my 70 + MIL about how we must use this moment to reimagine how we do things for the future, & as an accountant she has a few ideas about tax (lol). Public service & politicians these conversations are everywhere. Be brave, the mandate is there

RT @DrJessBerentson: So many people loved the quiet, the carless days, the joy of feeling the streets were for us, people. People also feel powerless to make it a reality now. But as citizens who know others value this way of living you have power to change it. Tell your council what you want.

RT @DrJessBerentson: Corvid-19 is making so clear to us that our current economic rules have not helped us build a society that is as strong, connected & supportive as it needs to be for this crisis and the crisis to come 1/

RT @DrJessBerentson: On a busy Saturday arvo at the supermarket I watched every person there bring out their reusable bags or ask for a cardboard box. Just like that people changed their behaviour in response to a policy change by a business. People are capable of +ve change given the chance.

RT @DrJessBerentson: RT @DrJessBerentson: Don does not have a leg to stand on. Thanks @manucaddie for alerting me to this research… https…

RT @DrJessBerentson: Whenever I talk about poverty as a woman’s issue someone says there are poor men too. Which as a poverty researcher I do know. However we should not be afraid to say that economic & social policy is structured with men (not women or those who care for children) in mind.…

RT @DrJessBerentson: RT @DrJessBerentson: Here is some more evidence about what works to help prevent youth crime. CHOOSE life Bill English. Choose Evidence htt…