All deleted tweets from politicians

Green MP and Chairperson Social Services & Communities Select Committee. Authorised by Gareth Hughes, Parliament Buildings.

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After a decade working hard in Parliament I’m so happy to be moving far, far away and getting much, much closer to nature.…

RT @robellcampbin: When my primary school banned riding scooters at lunchtime I said it wasn't fair because people still got to skateboard, so they banned skateboards too…

For the entirety of this term of Govt the @NZGreens have been urging a speed-up of cameras on fishing boats and we objected to delays. Cameras work & we should get Kiwis into work installing them ASAP.…

RT @NZGreens: Wealth taxes and 'guaranteed' income: How the Greens plan to fix #inequality and reform #welfare. 💚 @MaramaDavidson @jamespeshaw #nzpol @NewshubNZ

RT @SpencerCVx: The fucking MARS ROVER DIED AND ITS LAST WORDS WERE "My battery is low and it's getting dark" IT DIED ALONE, DON'T ASK ME IF I'M OKAY, I'M FUCKING NOT OKAY

RT @DrJessBerentson: So here is an idea for the Tax Working Group. Women should get a tax rebate or tax free threshold based on the hours of unpaid work they do #watchthereplies

RT @aschiff: Something I made for fun over summer with LINZ and Stats NZ data -- a collection of NZ's small towns

RT @NZGreens: Let's all show our solidarity. It's time to call an end to systemic #racism. @MaramaDavidson on @maoritv #ArmsDownNZ | @armsdownnz | #nzpol | #BlackLivesMatter

Proud of this report & recommendations from Social Services Select Committee to develop a national network of bathroom facilities for those with extensive and complex disabilities bathrooms