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Trustee of the @FCGulbenkian Foundation//Former European Commissioner for Research, Science & Innovation (2014-2019)// Vice-President @DelorsInstitute

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Carlos Moedas (EU) tweeted :

As a politician, I truly believe in democratic accountability. In the last week of my mandate in #teamJunckerEU, I will share with you an overview of my work over the last 5 years as EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation in @EU_Commision.

Carlos Moedas (EU) tweeted :

All the best to @josephdaul for his new challenges. We will be missing you after 20 years of live devoted to the #EU project. 🇪🇺 #EPPzagreb

RT @EP_President: 💡 EU research delivers for you! €200bn has been invested in EU funded R&I over the last 30 years, resulting in countless improvements to citizens’ quality of life - shaping a better future for us all. Find out more at #ResearchImpactEU 🔭 🇪🇺 ➡️

RT @EP_President: RT @EP_President: ◽ LIVE | There is no future without research and innovation. Watch my opening speech at #ResearchImpactEU…

RT @EP_President: EP close to those affected by fires in 🇵🇹 & 🇪🇸. EU civil protection force needed. #PremiosPrincesadeAsturias money to be donated to victims.

Carlos Moedas (EU) tweeted :

The article of @nature captures the essence of the debate. We need to keep the pressure on @Council and fight hard cuts and potential delays to #HorizonEU start.…

RT @PierreGattaz: Nous avons besoin d’une Europe ambitieuse dans les domaines de la #recherche et #innovation. Depuis plus de 30 ans, les programmes de recherche européens ont prouvé leur valeur ajoutée, par exemple dans la lutte contre le SIDA. #Europe #RiDaysEU

Carlos Moedas (EU) replied to @Moedas :

3/5 Something that is normal for us, is not normal in other parts of the world. This gives me hope in the future of Europe. And I think it comes from our love of science over the centuries. It is this love of science that differentiates us. #RIdaysEU

Carlos Moedas (EU) tweeted :

◽ Kick-off session of the first ever EU Research & Innovation days. My opening speech at #RIDays:…

Carlos Moedas (EU) tweeted :

A minha coluna de opinião #VentoSuão @Cmjornal : ➡️ a Comissão europeia de @vonderleyden ⬆️ #Galileo ⬇️ 🇵🇹 com maior carga fiscal de acordo com @oecd 🔢 137 mil milhões € de fraude ao IVA ℹ️ #UE maior exportador mundial de produtos agrícolas ↗️ a 🇪🇺 e as alterações climáticas