All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @darrengrimes_: Not sure it’s entirely fair to say the Prime Minister doesn’t “have the guts”, unlike Mrs May, to sack Gavin Williamson. Let’s not forget that upon entering Number 10, Boris Johnson sacked over half the cabinet for trying to overturn each attempt to deliver Brexit.

RT @darrengrimes_: I think it’s about time Boris sold us the positives: ‘R’ rate is low, hospitals are empty with lower than average deaths reported. Yet still the message broadcast from No10 is fear-inducing. If they want our kids at school and parents in the office, why not sell us the positives?

RT @darrengrimes_: The Twitter mob want more diversity on the BBC: but that diversity stops short at cultural conservatives without degrees from working-class backgrounds.

RT @darrengrimes_: I assume the Extinction Rebellion protestors blocking workers getting to their jobs or kids to their schools will be met by exactly the same fines as the anti-lockdown protestors were? Not like XR activist Tabitha and Oscar’s parents can’t afford the £10,000 hit.

RT @darrengrimes_: Article 184 of the Withdrawal Agreement commits the UK and the EU to negotiate in “good faith” on the future relationship. It’s hard to see how Brussels threatening to block British food exports to Northern Ireland is anything remotely like “good faith”.…

RT @darrengrimes_: RT @darrengrimes_: Covid Marshals sound like utterly horrendous busybodies that don’t belong in a free society like ours. Awful.

RT @darrengrimes_: Zoe Ball gets a £900,000 pay rise, despite losing a cool million listeners. Would this be allowed to happen in the private sector? How do I get me a gig at the Beeb?

RT @darrengrimes_: RT @darrengrimes_: The #DefundTheBBC campaign is growing faster than any other campaign I've worked with.…

RT @darrengrimes_: It doesn’t matter who becomes BBC Chairman, even someone as brilliant as Charles Moore. Over recent weeks, with a new Director General, we’ve seen ‘kill whitey’ presented as ‘comedy’ and a £900,000 pay rise for a presenter losing 1 mill listeners to tackle their ‘gender pay gap’.

RT @darrengrimes_: I think this is the first time I have been unable to bring myself to watch a news item because the accompanying tweet and tag line was enough to turn my stomach.