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Former MEP 2014/2019. Brexiteer,free speech,free markets & democracy.

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Margot Parker (EU) retweeted @TrippyPip :

RT @TrippyPip: I'm a key worker in the private sector, I've worked through most of the pandemic (aside from 5 weeks voluntary furlough in May). Where I work we're not getting a pay rise either and we're being expected to work on Boxing Day. Just saying.

Margot Parker (EU) retweeted @LozzaFox :

RT @LozzaFox: RT @LozzaFox: True dat.◽◽

RT @PeterMichaels72: @MargotLJParker: "Forensically, we need to see, line by line, what it's (£39bn) for." Exactly. Why is this not being demanded by Brexiteers? #VictoriaLIVE #BrexitBetrayal

RT @GawainTowler: Oh for pities sake. Grow up, do your job and try to earn the respect of the people of Derbyshire that you are so badly squandering.

RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: That's a brave and principled move.…

RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: @adamboultonSKY @PoliticalPics Nor is Blair, Clegg and the rest, but it doesn't stop them getting free access.

RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: Employment up, wages up, that Brexit bad news keeps coming. #31stAndOut

RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: They used an Ambulance to carry out this attack. Lower than vermin…

RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: UKIP slams Teesside Hospital’s decision to increase the cost of hospital parking. @JonathanArnott @julia_reid https://t.…

RT @GawainTowler: Latest @YouGov for the Times shows how UKIP is making inroads. Now trusted on Brexit twice as much as Lib Dems, and only 1 point behind Labour. Also ahead of Lib Dems on Immigration (almost catching Labour), Defence and Law and order.…