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Conservative Brexiteer. Books/films: What Women Want Migrant Crime Wave/Homelands

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No Britain’s curry houses won’t vanish because of new immigration rules Bangladeshis and Pakistanis have a very high unemployment rate, especially amongst women. Get women into the workplace, throw it anti Western clothing and get cooking. Issue solved. Easy isn’t it?

RT @GID_England: .@facebook is now randomly unpublishing our pages. Given this new wave of censorship, we have made an announcement channel on @telegram. Follow us there so you can be informed of our actions and news regardless of censorship:… #FreeTommy #FreeSpeech

RT @GenIdentEngland: A Happy #StGeorgesDay to all our followers. Hold your heads high and be proud that you were born in this great land of ours. Raise St George's cross high to spite those that sneer at us for doing so. Let no one shame you for being patriotic.

RT @GID_England: Interesting read form @ToreRasmussen, one of the Generation Identity activists that were denied entry to the UK this month:… #FreeSpeech #GenerationIdentity

RT @GenIdentEngland: Good article from @kippercentral about our #EuropeanReunion conference. Always glad to have fellow supporters of #FreeSpeech: with us. #GenerationIdentity…

RT @GID_England: Yesterday, we responded to an article published by the @thesundaytimes, which featured an interview with co-leader @tomdupresh. The article made some embarrassing mistakes, some of which were engineered by HNH 'researcher' @JoeMulhall_. #GenerationIdentity…

RT @GID_England: Generation Identity activists are showing their solidarity with Tommy Robinson all across the UK. He is now a symbol for anyone who values free speech and love of country. Photos from #Buckinghamshire Sign the petition:… #FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobbinson

RT @GID_England: Activists covered this statue in #Folkestone Harbour this morning to kick off our new campaign, #BantheBurqa. With countries all across Europe doing the same, it's time we joined them and banned this archaic practice. Sign and share our petition:… #England

RT @GID_England: Thanks to all of our fellow patriots joining the Pro-Brexit march in London today. #Brexit #London #UKFreedomMarch #GenerationIdentity #PeoplesVoteMarch

@BernieMayall My husband’s City friends all all man huggers now. Horrid!