All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @SteveStuWill: "The denial that male and female are even valid concepts is quite a novel departure. It's amazing and frightening how willing so many people are to go along with something so radical and discrepant with common sense, let alone with biological science."…

RT @StuartHumphryes: Pulling out the Big Guns. I have enhanced these 2 fascinating autochromes from the Great War, taken 104 years ago near Steenkerke in Flanders (Belgium) in the summer of 1917. I've also included an un-enhanced "before" version for you too. They are original colour, not colourised

RT @Royal_Mughals: The most elaborate display of tile work in entire South Asia- Shahjahan Mosque in Thatta, Sindh. Its main dome has tiles arranged in a stellate pattern to represent the night sky (picture 1).

RT @Vestnik_Stab: RT @Vestnik_Stab: Вот как выглядит настоящий ПИЗДЕЦ:

RT @merlisnogene: Kuna Perling viskab täna kivi ka meedia kapsaaeda, siis siin üks eile tehtud graafik. Väga iseloomulik ka muudele sellistele lugudele.…

RT @merlisnogene: Iga uudise juures, mis näitab kui pekkis vaktsineerimise asjad on, võiks viidata sellele, kuidas Kiige väitel Simmo Saar laimas ja tema väidetel polnud alust:… Kes tegelikult keda laimas ja kes alusetut juttu ajas?

RT @leetoiv: RT @leetoiv: Oh, the hypocrisy... @IlvesToomas

RT @StoicMDJ: Wife and I were out today & grabbed a burger. Football game was on the bar TV, haven’t watched one in ages. Was struck by by the fact that almost all the players are black now. Almost every person in every ad was black, too. Is this the systematic racism I hear so much about?

RT @StoicMDJ: Is it any wonder that PhD economists tend to favor the Keynesian system, in which PhD economists get to play God and attempt to run the economy through fiscal and monetary policy?

RT @StoicMDJ: “Give us most of what you earn and give up your means of self-defense. But don’t worry, we will protect you and provide for you financially.” This is, quite literally, what the Left is trying to sell you. How can anyone not find this utterly terrifying?