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Kadri Liik (estonia) replied to @RKionka :

@RKionka Moscow, Sadovaya!

Kadri Liik (estonia) retweeted @SabFis3 :

RT @SabFis3: Visited fantastic exhibit on „Female memories of the GULAG“ at Memorial Moscow today (+⁦@KadriLiik⁩+⁦@OlyaOliker⁩). Very impressive + beautifully done. It’s on till 03/23 - don’t miss it! Женская память о ГУЛАГ

Kadri Liik (estonia) tweeted :

Very likely this is the music store where both me and Angela Merkel bought our first Beatles LPs. Alas, not together

Kadri Liik (estonia) tweeted :

Mother: This is a union, but not Soviet. Child: Simply Union? Mother: Yes, simply union! (Conversation overheard when passing by ⁦⁦@EUinRussia⁩ )

Kadri Liik (estonia) retweeted @francska1 :

RT @francska1: A story that might get overlooked today Media in the Urals report that the Buddhist monks of the beautiful Shad Tchup Ling monastery have finally conceded defeat in their long-running eviction battle with Roman Abramovich's Evraz mining firm…

RT @moerserniklas: @KadriLiik It will give Putin more reasons to (re-)construct the narrative of him being the only safeguard against the „aggressive west“. Even Putin needs legitimacy - ditching NS2 thus might have a contraproductive effect.

Kadri Liik (estonia) tweeted :

Moon rises over Ruhnu, having come from Riga

Kadri Liik (estonia) tweeted :

Kirjutas üks firma, tahtis metsa osta. Ütles, et omavad ümbruskonnas mitmeid (metsa)kinnistuid. Küsisin, milliseid. Siis selgitasin neile detailselt, mida nad oma metsa ja maaga valesti on teinud ja kuidas nad seda parandada võiksid. Loodetavasti on nad tänulikud…?!

Kadri Liik (estonia) tweeted :

A Siberian village has asked Angela Merkel to help to repair a local road

Kadri Liik (estonia) retweeted @ecfr :

RT @ecfr: The #GenevaSummit marks another pivotal moment in the #US - #Russia relationship. For a longer term perspective on this relationship, watch this panel discussion with @KadriLiik, Fyodor Lukyanov, @AngelaStent and @nicupopescu below. @ECFRWiderEurope