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RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: You have got to love ANN7. This is how they reporting on #SONA2017

RT @fanamokoena: I honestly think Marvel Studios would do well to consider Atandwa Kani as the next Black Panther. It’s about time an African from Africa played a superhero. If you like it, retweet and support #AtandwaKani4BlqckPanther Salute

I don’t about this noise I’m hearing about trafficking, but it’s clear to me that the ENABLERS of this horrific crime are the SAPS as is being claimed by victims. Both the criminal traffickers and the SAPS must be apprehended. How is this a foreigner issue.

What have we done against this Baroka?

RT @SizweDhlomo: RT @SizweDhlomo: Yeah, I thought the same thing. Take the story back to a prequel.

RT @Ben_Terova: RT @Ben_Terova: @Chris80109155 @fanamokoena If Malema talked like he does, spreads race hate, in Rwanda he would be arrested and jailed.

When we fight, it must not be to kill each other. When we compete, it must not be to destroy each other. To bring out the best in each other, the must be friction. We walk, we fall, we rise, we run together. Rise Africa

RT @Soulmate_us: @MaS1banda @fanamokoena Maybe I'm wrong, prequel came to mind, of cause if the story allows. Take the story back to where it all started with Kani junior to where Mr Kani senior died.

RT @ronrivo: #cyrilramaphosa is the first president without power, He's only rendering lip service without action. There has never been any Huge corruption like this time! #ANCNEC

RT @Onesiphore7: RT @Onesiphore7: @fanamokoena They are friend ...since the beginning of the competition.