All deleted tweets from politicians

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EFF members of parliament who were involved with #CR17 have done the politically conscious thing to do. Now, can Ramaphosa do the right thing for lying in party. And can Jamnadas resign for illegal activity at SARS. We’re here now

The courts may not agree with the remedials, they’ve already jumped the gun and fired warning shots, but facts in both the reports are indisputable. Ramaphosa lied in court and Jamnadas was running illegal intelligence at SARS. Both are criminals, hence they protect each other 😊

So. Everyone is hoping the PP losing these ‘costs’ cases will save RamaJamnadas will set a precedent for when the actual reports are reviewed. Just wait. This thing is Chess. Complicated in nature. The facts in the report are indisputable.

Today, 7yrs ago, concomitant action was taken against 34 miners on the recommendation of one Cyril Ramaphosa who has to date not gone to the families of the deceased to apologize. Mama Winnie has hoped sense would prevail in him, but it seems it was just a dream. Salute

The rhetoric that business is the one that should drive employment numbers and not government is a little naive. If you’re a developed country yes, because you have an already established private sector that can sustainably absorb numbers. SA is underdeveloped if you take

RT @RonewaReuben: @fanamokoena "Cyril Ramaphosa is useless" - Says an Actress.. 😕

Ace Magashule must for Ramaphosa‘s head once and finish him politically. Then they must box each other between Ace, DD and Mashatile. This will sort out ALL ANC problems. Trust me ☺️☺️☺️

RT @Senvill: @fanamokoena @MbalulaFikile is it true what Honourable @fanamokoena is saying? please respond so i can know where to from now…

In case you missed the Sunday Independent, here is summary of the people who entered ANC politics through Ramaphosa, thus changing ANC policy direction. That’s why Ramaphosa was ALWAYS at odds with his comrades on policy issues including land and the Reseve Bank

Min Cele confirms on 19/07/2019 that Errol Velile Cele, a Cash-in-Transit heist accused and a CR17 security operative who had worked closely with Marion Sparg (former MK and CR17 communications lead); was involved in 2 other heists.