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RT @AMorrissey2015: @fanamokoena 25 years of AA, BEE & quotas but you still the victim. 200 years from now still the victim. One cannot move forward if they can’t move in from the past.

284 People died in a single day. Six times more people than the Marikana Massacre @DrZweliMkhize

SmolanyanaBigger (EFF) retweeted @tlalane :

RT @tlalane: RT @tlalane: Hello hi Abuti Fana, happppppppyyyyyy! @fanamokoena

RT @PieterHowes: RT @PieterHowes: I don't give a FLYING FUCK how fragile whiteness is. Come at me with everything you've got - if you're not interest in cha…

What is this science you’re relying on that informs you to keep opening up the economy and let this virus loose on the people. What science, what facts are you relying on to unleash this pending massacre. This is your own graph @CyrilRamaphosa @DrZweliMkhize @MbalulaFikile

RT @KayVince: Tbh People from Tembisa ain't taking this Corona thing Serious, since day it's been a matter of if ii die, ii die and by look of things it's now a matter of the Government getting involved in spreading the word in person because wow it's business as usual ngapha @fanamokoena

RT @S1pho: @KeithMutch @fanamokoena If there are so many people who know a better way to deal with racism why have they been so quiet and inept for so long ?

RT @EFFSouthAfrica: The EFF Condemns Ramaphosa Returning The Performers Protection Amendment Bill Back to the National Assembly After Unnecessary Delay.

RT @foxy5g: RT @foxy5g: We love you Nolubabalo…