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Member of the Central Command Team of the Economic Freedom Fighters. Member of the Parliament of RSA. Commissar for Environment, Forestry and Fisheries.

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Nazier Paulsen (EFF) retweeted @vusiking :

RT @vusiking: RT @vusiking: The incompetence of Cyril Ramaphosa does change Jacob Zuma from being a constitutional delinquent and emperor of kleptocracy.

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) tweeted :

From 2009/10 to 2019/20 the @CityofCT had R12 423 900 (R12.4 Bil) unspent conditional grant. That’s 200 000 that could have been built. 200 000 families were denied dignified living conditions. That’s 200 000 families that have no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

RT @NazierPaulsen: Please send your comments about all the beautiful things @EFFSouthAfrica has done since our formation. It’s been 7 beautiful years. Tough but beautiful! #EFFTurns7

RT @EFFSouthAfrica: The CIC @Julius_S_Malema and the former National Chair @AdvDali_Mpofu with members of the Mandela family after laying Mama Zindzi Mandela to Rest. #RIPZindziMandela

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) retweeted @IbrahimB_ :

RT @IbrahimB_: Let me add... Mothers of boys, unfortunately, still instill the male privilege into their sons as a means of motivation. Mothers need to stop 'babying' their sons. Teach them household chores. Teach them how to respect women.

RT @QasimRashid: In Pakistan—fundamentalist Mullahs continue to hold mass worship services at mosques despite the #COVID19 pandemic In America—fundamentalist Clerics continue to hold mass worship services at churches despite the COVID19 pandemic Fundamentalism is the enemy of faith AND science

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) replied to @OnsJou :

@OnsJou God loves and she says I’m doing her work.

RT @Zodiac_Rebel: Kanya Cekeshe is a Revolutionary He is paying the highest price for the freedom of a Black child He never sold his soul They want to present him as something else no matter what happens He remains a Revolutionary Revolutionaries are not pitied but celebrated & emulated