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Revolutionary African Feminist FIGHTER🤺| Commissar in the EFF Ranks👩🏾‍🎨 | Honorable in the Parliament of South Africa 👸🏾 | Treasurer General of the EFF 🏦

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RT @benedicklouw: Julius Malema is living testament that against all odds, material conditions & public nullification one can still rise. #MalemaGraduation 🎓✊

RT @kgosigadi_k: RT @kgosigadi_k: Hon D B Ngwenya has spoken ◽◽◽◽ Yall She spoke for women Thank you #EFF #SONADebate

RT @LeighMathys: NOW WATCHING: Selective ‘weaponizing’ | Selective ‘outrage’ | Selective women .... Inconsistency is weaponizing, it is politicking whether you are a politician or not!

RT @hyltonwhite: RT @hyltonwhite: @SOAS @WitsUniversity @AdHabb Good luck to SOAS. Here's what happened at Wits:…

RT @hyltonwhite: @SOAS @WitsUniversity @AdHabb With a mayor like @SadiqKhan it will hopefully be more difficult for @AdHabb to call in stun grenades against his students in London than it was for him in Johannesburg...

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RT @EFFSouthAfrica: CIC @Julius_S_Malema say three SONA’s later, there is hardly any evidence that Ramaphosa is different from his predecessor. #SONADebate

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Who exactly looked down in shame? & we were suppose to do what exactly in response to the orchestrasted grandstanding of Boy which we knew very well was just that! We weren’t going to be distracted from dealing with Pravin and DeKlerk!

RT @Boity1997: RT @Boity1997: I'm selling Lesotho tailor made hats They cost 300rand