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RT @TshwaneEff: "...there is HOPE.....we will FIGHT......a SUFFERING brought by a Black Government...." #EFFOneWay #EFFWomensMonth2020

RT @MrPhamodi: 3. This may seem like a minor aesthetic issue around grammar, but it’s not. How we use language when reporting on violence - particularly VAW - matters for how we understand what’s in dispute and handle it through the system & especially in the discourse.

RT @MrPhamodi: 1. Just some friendly reminders to media people, journalists, broadcasters, headliners, script-writers etc. When reporting on violence, particularly when a complaint/charge has been made, its never the violence complained of that’s “alleged”, but that the person accused of it.

RT @MrPhamodi: 2. Examples: It’s NOT an “alleged rape,” BUT an “alleged rapist.” Women are not alleging they were raped, they are alleging that the accused rape them. Similarly, @eNCA: It’s NOT an “alleged hit” taken out on Cheryl Zondi, BUT a “hit allegedly taken out on Cheryl Zondi”.

RT @MrPhamodi: 4. Women are not raping themselves. People are not committing violence against themselves. When the criminal justice system processes these matters, as a 1st principle, it’s not WHETHER a crime was committed that’s in dispute, it’s whether it was the ACCUSED that committed it.

RT @MrPhamodi: 5. Footnote: It’s only when defense of understanding of events btwn complainant & accused is raised as a defence (and only in very specific cases) that we go into the secondary inquiry of whether 1) criminal conduct was justified OR 2) “alleged crime” was even committed at all.

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RT @TheMsTee: This story just broke me I'm so gatvol of hearing excuses !!!! Rape IS A CRIME !!! All those who covered this up are criminals too !! #FuckExcuses Gabisile Ngcobo has rights !!!! 👇🏾 #JusticeForGabisileNgcobo

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