All deleted tweets from politicians

Revolutionary African Feminist FIGHTER in the Streets | Commissar Treasurer General in the EFF Ranks | Honorable in the Parliament of South Africa

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RT @Qwade_Qwavey: RT @Qwade_Qwavey: Mayibuye NMB, Mayibuye #EFFPeoplesRally

RT @Qwade_Qwavey: RT @Qwade_Qwavey: Fighters are out in full force at the Nangoza Jebe Hall #EFFPeoplesRally #Izwelethu

IG: LeighMathys (EFF) tweeted :

Also have a convo with him the importance of democracy and allowing for political opponents especially if he thinks he is doing such a sterling job as a President.

RT @SeseTetiwe: RT @SeseTetiwe: A child can die from rape so the EFF has asked that an attempted murder charge be added to #NicholasNinow’s case. I support…

#EFFTurns6 (EFF) retweeted @Hakim_King_ :

RT @Hakim_King_: RT @Hakim_King_: We are on #CR17BankStatements today... Guptas are things in the past.…

RT @thato_tdo: Trending in the following order. 1. #EFFrally 4. #Malema 8. #TrollipVote But Trollip is not trending because of @Our_DA supporters but the trend is pushed by the media though the trend is reporting on @Julius_S_Malema kikikikikikiki.😂😂 #BalanceMe

RT @thato_tdo: mos I heard it was #EFFrally & @Our_DA rally this afternoon but tweeter and social media is all about EFF, is this a signal to #2019? Fighters are very proud of their movement, something one can learn. Me and my family will serve the Lord and He knows we sure voting #EFF 😂✊✊

RT @KeNaganaJalo: RT @KeNaganaJalo: #POWERDrive Eish why is @Powerfm987 not extending this slot pleeeaaasee! Fighter Leigh was about to educate the nation @L…

RT @KeNaganaJalo: RT @KeNaganaJalo: @EFFSouthAfrica @Powerfm987 @LeighMathys Leadership is doing well indeed.....Tuned in.

RT @KeNaganaJalo: RT @KeNaganaJalo: Actions speak louder than words....Fighter Leigh is doing a lot of work hey #987woman @Powerfm987 @LeighMathys