All deleted tweets from politicians

MP. Shadow Minister of Communications & Digital Tech. SOAS MA Student. VVEngage Fellow. Feminist. Liberal. Audiophile. Virago. Activist. Innovator. Cinephile.

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Wait. Bobbejaan is for actual monkeys, right?

@WowItsJB @MlamuliNkomo @IOL The City of Joburg is run by the ANC ◽

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

What is your spelling pet peeve? Mine is “his,” instead of “he’s.” It makes my teeth hurt.

RT @stefanf28: Elgin & Grabouw farmers to start releasing water from their private dams to help Cape Town #DefeatDayZero A wonderful gift & all the more reason for the rest of us to save water aggressively as avoiding #DayZero is our responsibility too #CapeWaterCrisis…

RT @AndiMakinana: RT @AndiMakinana: FW de Klerk apologises for statement that apartheid was not a crime against humanity… via @Times…

RT @_WoManUnited_: @joshua_pieters Genuinely felt bad for Katie Hopkins as I was watching the video, I felt a bit cruel. Then she made her speech. What a fool I was. No one deserved that C.U.N.T award more than her. This is ingenious. Give this man a knighthood. 🙌🏽 #KatieHopkins

It is the same people who will scream racism at the smallest inconvenience. You wouldn’t survive one day with the racism that many of us continue to experience.

RT @StephenvanEeden: @zilevandamme dressed in a bespoke made-to-measure peplum jacket in an exquisite embroidery with a Sunray pleated tulle skirt at Sona 2020. . #sona2020 #sona #stateofthenation #openingofparliament……

RT @MarkARKleiman: RT @MarkARKleiman: Two quick guidelines: 1. Speak ill of the recently dead only with decent restraint. 2. Avoid praising tyrants.