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2009-2017 Alumnus MP (South Africa). Proud Dad to Gabriele and Isabella. Columbia University, New York City.

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Wilmot James (DA) retweeted @nicd_sa :

RT @nicd_sa: To date 42 tests for #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) have been conducted by @nicd_sa and all results have come back negative. As of 07 February 2020, we confirm that there is no positive case of the 2019-nCoV in South Africa. @GautengHealth @kznhealth @HealthZA @WHOAFRO

Wilmot James (DA) retweeted @nicd_sa :

RT @nicd_sa: As of 24 February 2020, we have tested a total of 116 people for SARS-CoV-2 of which 68 were (PIU) and all results came back negative. We confirm that 🇿🇦 has not had a confirmed case of COVID- 19.…

RT @OutiKuivasniemi: #Finland has been preparing for a situation like #COVID19 #pandemic for years and taking a #wholeofgovernment #wholeofsociety approach to #HealthSecurity. #Response to #CoronaOutbreak was started in January and 1st case detected Jan 29.

Wilmot James (DA) retweeted @BrenthurstF :

RT @BrenthurstF: We are excited to announce the release 'Vital Signs': Health Security in South Africa. Edited by friend of the foundation @wilmotjames and contributed to by Greg Mills and Jaco du Plesis. Find the full publication on our website. #Africa #Health #Security…

Wilmot James (DA) retweeted @AndyWeberNCB :

RT @AndyWeberNCB: RT @AndyWeberNCB: We Must Prepare for the Next Pandemic

RT @mikeratcliffe: RT @mikeratcliffe: Landed Los Angeles

Wilmot James (DA) tweeted :

Trump administration took money from i

Wilmot James (DA) tweeted :

7th walk up Table Mountain in 1 hour 20 mins! Getting there ... a cakewalk of course for Kaiser the German Sheperd! @PanzerMoonbeam

RT @patrickgaspard: My letter to @facebook regarding the smear campaign they paid for and disseminated against George Soros & @OpenSociety as reported by @nickconfessore in the @nytimes. These tactics out of Putin’s playbook have no place in an important debate about the integrity of our elections

Wilmot James (DA) retweeted @DavidMaynier :

RT @DavidMaynier: “What mattered was the quality of ideas you could come up with, not your background, your pay grade or your party label.” via @FT…