All deleted tweets from politicians

Young DA MP. Not your typical politician. Artist. Optimist. Dreamer. Mom to four German Shepherds. Passionate about all things SA, green, trash and recycling.

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RT @MEGANJEWELSCARR: The judge apparently expressed his dismay at the actions yesterday DEA and the Min Molewa 🇿🇦 @SaveOurRhinoK9 @RHINOSINAFRICA @EleRhinoMarch…

RT @MEGANJEWELSCARR: Vietnam and Chinese custom authorities will have to work overtime on for SA personal use rhino horn imports @SaveOurRhinoK9 @RHINOSINAFRICA…

RT @MEGANJEWELSCARR: RT @MEGANJEWELSCARR: @savetherhino HUME'S rhino horn auction site has been hacked @RHINOSINAFRICA

RT @MEGANJEWELSCARR: But how much bail will they receive? And will their cases be dismissed with a mere slap on the wrist? @RHINOSINAFRICA @johni_edwards…

Johni Steenkamp (DA) retweeted @XondoZ12 :

RT @XondoZ12: Does somebody want to tell the ANC that they just used a photo from the DA's 2018 congress... Also... the DA's campaign slogan is #OneSAforAll Who signed that off @MYANC ?!

Johni Edwards (DA) retweeted @XondoZ12 :

RT @XondoZ12: RT - We need more of this @Our_DA Mayor of Midvaal (@BaloyiBongani1), Jozi (@HermanMashaba) & Tshwane (@SollyMsimanga) flying economy class

Johni Steenkamp (DA) retweeted @XondoZ12 :

RT @XondoZ12: @MYANC The photo was posted by Toni Molefe, a dedicated ANC cadre. This is brazen. So ashamed by the billboard and the names of the hundreds you killed that you are now trying to destroy the evidence.

Johni Steenkamp (DA) retweeted @XondoZ12 :

RT @XondoZ12: This is who the EFF and Julius Malema want to return Nelson Mandela Bay to. This is a year and a half ago - The ANC's Andile Lungisa breaking a glass jug over the head of an MMC. We need to #SaveNMB from these thugs.