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I'm passionately involve in Sport for the Disabled, specifically Paralympic Sport. DA Member of Parliament & MP for Breede Valley Constituency

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Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @PikkieGreeff :

RT @PikkieGreeff: Visited the SANDF weapons theft suspects. Bail application 14:00 in Thaba Tshwane Military Court. Some suspects (as I had suspected all along) are in detention for simply having been on duty when theft was discovered despite the fact that the theft occurred over 80 days

RT @SANDFCorpEvents: COVID-19 | SA National Defence Force conducts COVID-19 Awareness and Education | Bredasdorp.… #sandf #SANDF #OpsNOTLELA #CoronavirusInSA #COVID19SA

RT @MrNeoMotloung: RT @MrNeoMotloung: Western Cape with 3 million certified voters. #sabcnews #ElectionsOnSABC

Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @evankirstel :

RT @evankirstel: A sustainable way to extract electrical energy from the tidal flows of the sea. #ocean #electricity #power #amazing #energy #sustainable #RenewableEnergy #Engineering

Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @pierredevos :

RT @pierredevos: “Her as yet unexplained failure to file her response could reinforce speculation that the state does not have any real evidence to justify the cigarette ban — and is simply trying to prevent the case from being heard through unwarranted delays.”…

Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @Janho_E :

RT @Janho_E: RT @Janho_E: @Abramjee @CRL_Commission He is a fundemantalist that doesnt respect other citizens rights. I am not a Muslim but I will walk…

RT @MoneywebRadio: RT @MoneywebRadio: POTGOOI: SA verloor 16 000 poste in derde kwartaal. @mikeschussler gee sy siening oor die syfers. @zarsg…

Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @AimFranklin :

RT @AimFranklin: RT @AimFranklin: @EFFSouthAfrica so you are proud of violently kicking innocent women in the head @Julius_S_Malema ?…

RT @247newsafrica: RT @247newsafrica: Annelie Lotriet confirmed as acting DA Parliamentary leader…

Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @markantro :

RT @markantro: Share of China's population living in extreme poverty. 1980: 88.3% 2013: 1.8% The power of Capitalism is incredible!